Physical Therapy Program

Go to the george washington physical therapy program page and look at the good things you can talk about in the essay.
-You should talk about the diversity at the school
-Why george washington physical therapy program is best for me
-Read about their rehabilitation research and performance laboratory and connect it to how i am interested in research and how best their facility will help me
-Talk about their strong alumni networking
-Talk about the benefit from evidence-based clinical practice
-Talk about their location. The George Washington University Hospital is located in Washington, D.C. It is affiliated with the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences and how that would be a great opportunity for me after graduation because I can find a job right away.
-Talk about their tight-knit network of students, alumni, faculty, and professionals at a nationally-ranked university affiliated with a School of Public Health, a Medical School, and a University Hospital.
-On the page they talk about their mission statement. Talk about it and connect it to why their mission best fit me for .
This is not a research paper so there shouldn’t be any source. Font should be 12, New Times Romans

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