This is a project, it must be turned in a clear report cover with sliding bar (they cost about a dollar). Notice, do not use this file, start from scratch following the directions given here. Physics I Investigation of the science of Hollywood movies Simulated gravity 1. Title page (APA format) 2. Background information: As we look toward the possibility of living in space for long periods of time (whether traveling or just staying in orbit around the Earth) we find that humans don’t function as well in weightless situations – muscle atrophy occurs, it becomes harder for the heart to pump blood, the legs become thinner and the face puffy. FOLLOW DIRECTIONS STRICKTLY On a new page: Please first explain what weightlessness is, then research the effects of it on the human body (you have hints above) and give some examples. You are expected to write at least 2-3 paragraphs background information, about a page APA format, double spaced, this is the minimum. Please TYPE your project/investigation and at the end submit all work as a presentation report in a nice folder (do not create posters or power points or brochures, no heavy binders). Feel free to include pictures, tables or diagrams. You can also upload it on blackboard in doc or pdf format ONLY. 3. Simulated gravity: The simulation of gravity aboard a space station, space colony, or manned spacecraft by steady rotation, at an appropriate angular speed seems to be the solution to the problem. Such a technique may be essential for long-duration missions to avoid adverse physiological and possibly psychological reactions to weightlessness. At the same time human beings can tolerate up to 10g for a few seconds and around 3g (the peak rate of acceleration of the Space Shuttle) for longer periods, but such accelerations and decelerations would be out of the question for a journey, lasting years. The optimum rate of acceleration for manned flight to the stars would be 1g, since this would allow the crew to live under normal Earth gravity conditions while still enabling the spacecraft to gain speed at a rate practicable for interstellar travel. Most humans can tolerate a rotation rate of 2 rpm without suffering from motion sickness. On a new page: Research the concept of simulated gravity, provide information and examples, has it been done in the past, which movies embraced this concept, collect the appropriate formula associated with it (that you will need for the next step). This is also about a page APA format. Feel free to include pictures, examples, tables, graphs, diagrams. 4. Worksheet: In the movie Babylon 5, Season 2 episode 22 “The Fall of Night” Sheridan leapt from a rail car near the station’s axis to escape a bomb placed by a Centauri assassin. If you can find some place the episode, watch it, but this is NOT a requirement. If the station’s period of rotation is 53 seconds, find the angular and tangential velocities at different distances from the axis (shown in the table). What will the simulated gravity be (keep in mind that in this case the centripetal acceleration plays the role of simulated gravity) You can use the table below or create your own. R=100m R-150m R=200m R=250m R=300m R=350m R=400m ? V g Use the formula you collected in the previous step to calculate the frequency as rpm using the period of 53 s (be careful, you will have to convert). Is it less than 2 rpm? (please answer the question and discuss human tolerance). Now calculate the angular velocity ? and the linear velocity V, in SI units. Use the formula for centripetal acceleration to calculate g. SHOW ALL CALCULATIONS, FOR EVERY DISSTAANCE, EVERY CONVERSION. The calculations should be about a page. 5. Graph and conclusion New page: Draw the graph of g on graph paper or with a software program (simulated gravity) as a function of the radius, be very careful to choose the right units, the right scale, and leave enough space around. Label your axes. Give caption. You are also allowed to use excel or any other program that can create graphs, but you need to include paper copy in your report. Estimate at what radius is the simulated gravity equal to earth’s gravity. Show and explain the method you used to estimate. DO NOT USE LAB FORMAT, FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS! ASK QUESTIONS IF YOU HAVE ANY. 6. New page: References in APA format, cite all the sources you used in APA format.

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