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https://piktochart.com/ Instructions: As a health care professional, you may be placed in a position where you will be asked to disclose patient information to law enforcement or a government agency. As a manager, you must also educate your staff to handle these situations with professionalism and confidence. Create an infographic using www.Piktochart.com, or a similar program. Your audience is employees within your department. Your goal is to educate your staff to understand what is allowable, and what is not when requests for patient information are made by law enforcement or government agency officials. Your infographic should represent the flow of an interaction between an employee and an official, including text and graphic representations of your key points. Save your completed infographic as either a .jpg or .png, and ensure all text is readable. A minimum of three references should be listed at the bottom of your completed document. Submit the infographic as a .jpg file. Estimated time to complete: 3 hours

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