Plan Care and Nursing Model

Planning care through a nursing theory Due Tuesday by 11:9pm Word doc in APA 7th edition with no plagiarism.The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate your ability to plan care through a nursing model.After you have chosen a nursing model, give a brief description of the “nuts and bolts” of that model. Then you should select a client that you are caring for at your clinical site (EMERGENCY ROOM site “make up a patient”).Describe all of the steps of the nursing process (assessment, planning, nursing diagnosis, implementation and evaluation) as they are done when following the model. Do not include care that is not directed by the model.The last part of the paper is a critique of the model and its usefulness in directing care for this client. The content of the paper should not exceed 12 pages.RubricPlanning Care though Nursing Model Paper RubricPlanning Care though Nursing Model PaperThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeTheory Identifies Theory Used to Plan Care Explains Basic Tenets of Theory This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Plan of Care Plan Provides for Comprehensive Care Within Confines of the Theory Include: Assessment, Nursing Diagnoses, Planning, Implementation, Evaluation This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Theory CritiqueLimitations of Theory are Discussed Advantages of Theory are Discussed This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Referencing and APA ConformityReferences Organization/Clarity, Length is 12 pages or

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