Poking at the Ventral Pallidum

Instructions   In an essay, address the following ideas in paragraph/essay format.   The readings attached to this assignment discuss the ventral pallidum (VP) and its potential role in creating/suppressing disgust. Start off with a brief introduction to these two things, then answer the following questions:   – What was originally thought to be a locus of disgust in the brain instead of the VP? What was the evidence for this? Why might this incorrect assumption have been made?   – How did the study by Cromwell and Berridge distinguish the VP as a brain region responsible for disgust? Elaborate on the biological and behavioral methods they used.   – What was the difference in behavioral effects from performing these manipulations on the VP vs other areas?   – The study by Ho and Berridge replicated aspects of the older study and added new findings. What did they do to the ventral pallidum that was new? What were their new findings?   – Where else might brain lesions cause disgust? Do you think this is a significant finding or not, and why? Does an injection of inhibitory drug do the same thing in this other region?   – What might the normal function of the ventral pallidum be in regards to liking/disliking things?   Do you think activating the VP would also cause disgust? Why or why not?   Conclude with a brief summary of the findings of these papers and add one idea for a possible new direction of research. Proper use of transitions between ideas is required – no “standalone” paragraphs.   No reference section is required, and citations are optional (though they may still be helpful to use). You are allowed to reference an outside source or two if necessary, but doing so will not yield additional points. Partial credit is considered for essays that address most of the above ideas. Direct quotations will be ignored and not counted as answers toward the essay questions; paraphrase only.   Other notes:   – The diagonal lines drawn across the Cromwell paper’s Fig 2 & 3 are probably pen marks before scanning and are not actually part of the figures.

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