Police Brutality and Violence Against Black Women

Write your assignment on a Word Document, then save your work. When you are ready, copy and paste your work in the submission box. Do this for all assignments to prevent losing your work.Assignment Length Requirement: 300 words minimumnclude word count at the end of your work.Note: This first reflection paper option discusses police brutality and violence against Black women; viewer discretion is advised. Thus, if you are sensitive to this topic, then skip this first reflection paper option.Task #1: Watch the following video:https://youtu.be/akOe5-UsQ2oTask #2: Answer the following prompt questions:Starting in chapter 2, Macionis (2015) introduces intersection theory, which aims to shine light on the various social attributes (e.g., race, gender, class, sexuality, ability, age, and the like) that often result in individuals experiencing multiple dimensions of disadvantage. In your own words, explain what the intersectional perspective means to you. Provide at least two examples from any of the assigned chapters or lecture notes to support your argument.What does Kimberlé Crenshaw argue in her TED talk? And, how does it relate to the assigned readings for this online class?Kimberlé Crenshaw, and other intersectional theorists argue that race, gender, social class, and other social attributes of identity are intertwined and cannot be comprehended on their own. How have your social attributes of identity influenced your life (i.e., your gender, race, ethnicity, social class, age, ability, religious affiliation, etc.)? In other words, how does your intersectional identity affect your beliefs and values, opportunities, and life chances?

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