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***Proposed IT solution – The Seamus Company should hire  TechTitan for the development of a new cross platform video game (consoles/mobile phones/pc) to help bolster their growth/sales. ***TechTitan is a fictional software gaming company. The document should be written in the third person. In this paper, Tech Titan is the company responding to the Seamus Company’s Request for Proposoal (RFP). For this task, you will write a proposal in response to the attached “Request for Proposals (RFP)” from the Seamus Company. The company’s background information is included in the attached “Seamus Company Context.” The attached “RFP Questions from Vendors” will help to inform your proposal. Your proposal should demonstrate your research and your technology solution to the problem and show the organization you can meet its needs. Consider what the organization wants (e.g., low cost, high quality, efficiency) and how the technology solution will meet the organization’s needs. The body of your proposal should clearly and specifically outline the solution and how it will work. *The paper length can be adjusted to satisfy the attached rubric

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