Policy Change

Write a letter as a call to action to advocate for a policy change in a community. Examples include a new policy, new practices or ways to carry out an existing policy, a new or modified community program, or research to analyze the issue further. Examples include a legislator, city mayor, newspaper editor, college president or the head of a business. Choose an issue with which you have personal experience or background knowledge and which you also have a specific viewpoint. Include the following: Define the specific problem or issue you are addressing. Describe aspects of this issue that have gotten too little attention. This may include causes that have been overlooked. Cite sources of specific information. Advocate a specific, feasible course of action to address these aspects of the issue. Create your response into a word doc using APA format with a minimum word count of 550-750 – word count. Include in-text citations that will connect to the factual points from the article and/or textbook, and include the reference citation at the end of the document, also in APA format. For more information on Policy Change read this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Policy

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