Polish Families

Topic: Slavic Family: POLAND FAMILIES USE ATTACHED FILE FOR INFORMATION                                                i.     Introduction to the family ethnic/cultural heritage                                              ii.     Family structure and traditional family life                                            iii.     Language(s), family values, and social support                                             iv.     National dish (food), traditional clothing, music/musical instruments, and esthetic standards                                              v.     Religions: what the belief(s) is/are, how they are perceived by Americans, and how it affects the group/family?                                             vi.     Share one stereotype & one fun fact about the group                                           vii.     What differences and similarities did you notice with your own ethnicity?                                          viii.     Explain why family diversity matters   I will be creating a powerpoint presentation from this so please have enough information for each slide (each roman numeral is a different slide) Cite resources in APA at end

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