Politic Of Globalization

Define ‘regionalism’ (30 words or less).Is the creation of regional governance structures a contradiction to globalization?Why is the pace of military integration different from economic integration in the EU?How has globalization both contributed to and been a response to regional integration? Make reference to at least two examples.Could the EU become a superpower in the 21st century?Do you think different regions of the world will develop along the model of EU integration? Why or why not?How does African regional cooperation compare to regionalization in Europe? Is a comparison possible and useful? Why or whynot?Is ASEAN increasingly coming to resemble the EU? If not, why not?Discuss the critical views on regional cooperation and theircounterarguments. Which do you find more convincing?What makes the European Union unique as a political body in the ‘societyof states’ and how does it challenge traditional IR approaches like neo-realism and neo-liberalism?Is European integration ‘turbo-charged globalization’ or protection against globalization? Be sure to cover key concepts likesovereignty, citizenship, the nation-state, market liberalization, and collaboration.Is the European Union poised to act as a counter-balance to the US? What effect would such a situation have on the NATO Alliance and their relationship in general How have major powers promoted regional frameworks to pursue spheres of interest or influence? Discuss with reference to two examples.To what extent do regional organizations challenge realist assumptions about the primacy of the state?

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