Political Literature Review

Machiavelli, Hobbes and Clausewitz (International System) –       The exercise should review only one article/chapter from a particular tutorial’s readings. (500 words ) –       Your literature review is not a comparative exercise – your primary focus is on the article that you are reviewing Your literature review should aim to do the following: o Situate the article’s main argument i.e. in the discipline, where does the article ‘fit’ o Summarise the main arguments that the article is making o Critically engage with these arguments by demonstrating whether you agree with them or not and why  Essential reading (pick ones marked with an * ) * Quentin Skinner, ‘The Advisor to Princes’, in Machiavelli, Oxford University Press, 1981. * David Armitage, ‘Hobbes and the Foundations of Modern International Thought’, in Foundations of Modern International Thought (Cambridge: CUP, 2013), pp.59-74 * Michael Howard, ‘Ends and Means in War’, in Clausewitz, Oxford University Press, 1983, pp.34-46

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