Political Science

– Make sure to answer all three questions.- around 400 words for the first question- around 300 words for the second question – around 300 for the second question1) Studies (see Freedom House) suggest that, as of 2020, a majority of countries around the world have non-democratic regimes in place. First, clarify the general characteristics common to all non-democratic regimes. Then, explain what distinguishes authoritarian regimes from totalitarian regimes. Are there still totalitarian regimes in existence today? If so, give an example.2) The literature on regime changes has proposed three broad sets of domestic preconditions for democracy to emerge in a country. Explain the main claims of these three approaches. Then, clarify their respective principal shortcomings.3) Utilize a constructivist perspective to explain why race as a source of identity has been politicized in the USA but comparatively very little in Brazil. First, make sure to clarify constructivism’s main theoretical claims. Then analyze both country case studies. Finally, explain their principal shortcomings of constructivism

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