Political Science

Choose two of the following three prompts and write an essay response to those two prompts. Make sure you use the course materials to provide evidence/support for your thesis.1. How has the demography of Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras affected each country? Make sure to compare/contrast demography and outcomes using the data from the video lectures and the textbook.2. There are similarities in the recent political histories (post-independence in 1823 to the present) of Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras. Choose two of these countries and compare/contrast the recent political histories of these two countries. Use the video lectures, your textbook, or any other class materials to support your comparisons.3. Teresa Cortez was from a well-to-do family in El Salvador. Rigoberta Menchu is a Maya woman from a lower income area of Guatemala. You read books written by each of these women. Compare and contrast their experiences in their countries, especially during the political instability of the 1980s.

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