Issue: The United States and Iran have had a long and convoluted relationship marked by acts of aggression, cooperation and sanctions. From the Iran hostage crisis to the Iran- Contra scandal, to most recently negotiations of nuclear arms proliferation and abandonment to unilateral sanctions, the United States has often sought to destabilize Iran and its role in the region while maintaining that it is most interested in securing peace for the region and globally. Iran has argued that it has fought to protect its Islamic Revolution from foreign imperial interference and that its refusal to do the bidding of the United States keeps it as a constant target. It has also accused the United States of starting numerous proxy wars, funding its regional enemies to undermine Iran. Despite these tensions, there have been moments of cooperation between the two nations, although under the Trump administration, bilateral relations have only worsened and have even led to threatened hostilities. The future of US-Iran relations remains uncertain, while demands for more humanitarian policies towards the nations and between them abound. Overview of assignment: Each side will research and present the arguments of the nation you have been assigned. You will act as government officials representing your government before an international forum (you can choose the forum, just make sure it’s an appropriate one). You will present your arguments and try to convince the trier of fact (in this case, your classmates not participating in the presentation will serve as the jury) that your position is the correct one. You will present both your arguments and any defenses you think appropriate.

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