Post Election Analysis

You have been hired as a political consultant for either the Trump or Biden campaign (your choice). They have asked you to conduct a post-election analysis that explains the outcome using a political psychology approach. The campaign wants to know who voted for them, who didn’t, and what psychological factors drove individual voting behavior. You will receive some preliminary data from the campaign as a springboard for your analysis. You should focus on the theories you believe are most relevant for explaining why people voted as they did in the 2020 presidential election. One approach would be to take a deep dive into a single theory and incorporate tangential lines of research. Alternatively, you could use two to four theories to explore mutually reinforcing factors. The campaign wants to understand what made voters tick so that they (or their party) can develop a plan for the next election. The conclusion of your paper should offer guidance on how the candidate (or their party) can harness voter psychology to their benefit. -Pick Bidens campain -Thoeries will be provided

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