Postcolonial Discourse

Prompt: How does literary allusion illustrate, challenge, or complicate colonial or neocolonial discourse? Discuss with specific reference to at least one (1) relevant intertext (such as Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, Shakespeare’s Othello, etc.). The essay must engage with: 1.) The work of at least two (2) scholars that we have either studied directly in the course (Loomba, Said, Fanon, Bhabha, Spivak, Derrida) or encountered in Loomba’s Colonialism/Postcolonialism. If you choose to work from a source cited in Loomba’s text, you are strongly encouraged to research and cite that scholar’s work directly as well. 2.) At least one (1) piece of secondary criticism (published in an academic book or peer-reviewed academic journal) that centres on your chosen text.

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