Poverty and Homelessness

Assignment DescriptionWrite an essay of 600 – 750 words (2 – 3 pages) that examines a topic based on one or more of our class readings.The essay must do the following:o, Provide background information (events, important persons, controversies etc.) so that an uninformed reader may understand the context of the issue/topic and your approach to it.o, Indicate clearly the purpose of the paper to persuade a reader that you have taken a sensible position on an issue. o, Include a clearly stated thesis sentence.o, Support the thesis with clearly relevant content in the paper paragraphs so that each includes more than one supporting idea and several specific examples and illustrations.o Integrate relevant reference materials as summary, paraphrase, or quotations and include your interpretations of these references to demonstrate their relevance to the topic.o Attribute and document accurately all information from sources.o Draw an informed conclusion based on the reading, your sources, and, if appropriate, your own experience.o Include correct internal and ending reference information following MLA format requirements.

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