Poverty and Social Justice Policy in the United Kingdom

Write 6 pages thesis on the topic poverty and social justice policy in the united kingdom. Social policies focus on the improvement or enhancement of the welfare of the most vulnerable groups within society. Some of the objectives of social policies include the realization of social justice: equality and equal opportunities, the achievement of social peace, attainment of social security and accomplishment of the universal prosperity shared by the greatest number of the population. According to the BBC (2015), the World Economic Forum highlighted the imminent dangers of an increase in inequality in the UK that may hinder social cohesion and economic progress. The purpose of this review is to examine the effectiveness and efficiency of the poverty and social justice policy in the UK.In the UK, policymakers and authority tend to use household’s income relative to the national average in the course of measuring poverty. Poverty comes out as a symptom of deeper or more complicated issues within society. According to diverse researchers, most of these problems experience transmission from one generation to the next. Remarkably, there are 300,000 households, in the UK, where none of the adults has had the opportunity to work. In addition, 300,000 children tend to have parents with significant drug issues or problems (Gov.UK, 2014). It is essential to note that children in such conditions and families face limitations in relation to reduced chances of attainment of success in their lives. Integration of the poverty and social justice policy has focused on the provision of a real and lasting difference with the intention of helping people to change the course of their lives (Alcock, 2014). The policy provides the perfect platform to address the problems, which cause people to live in poverty. Moreover, the policy has been effective and efficient because it does not concentrate on dealing with people’s incomes in isolation.

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