Practical Theory and Ethics

INSTRUCTION 1: Introduction to Practical Theology and Ethics (CTU403)   Part 1: Discuss the differences between Christian ethics and ministerial ethics and describe how accountability for you and others is exercised in your ministry context (1000 words)     Part 2: Analyse how the safeguarding policy of your church/ministry organization is reflected in both (a) Your church ministries organization’s current practice (b) Wider recognized good practice (1000 words)    Part 3: Theologically reflect upon a significant and/or challenging church/ministry situation from your own experience. Using the pastoral cycle and drawing upon your biblical and theological understanding, discuss how you might act differently if a similar situation were to occur in the future (1000 words)   INSTRUCTION 2. CTU404: Ministerial Leadership: Theory and Skills: Assignment 1: Portfolio (3,000 words) Part 1: Discuss the core leadership approaches and skills that are required for effective church leadership in the 21st century (1,500 words). Part 2: From both theological and practical perspectives, discuss potential approaches to managing change and conflict in a church context (1,000 words). Part 3: Reflect theologically on effective ways in which you could handle power and authority arising from a specific leadership role in your own ministry context (500 words) INSTRUCTION 3: CTU406 MEDIA CULTURE: Theory and Skills. ESSAY (1500 WORDS,) Much has been said “Fake News” by contemporary media outlets, How might an audience identify fake news if used by Television broadcaster? INSTRUCTION 4: CTU401 (STUDY SKILL) When studying theology what tools are considered necessary in order to achieve maximum benefit from the research experience? Why are these tools important? (500 words)

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