Price Elasticity of Supply and Consumer Behaviour

The description is it is a 4-page paper based on the impact of economics on your everyday life from price elasticity of supply and theory of consumer behaviour. One of the focuses must be from a consumer-focus, while the other must be from an employer/industry-focus. You must give at least seven references from reputable articles/research to support your claims. Must discuss: Introduction: Basic background about the topics. This segment should not be more than 8 sentences in length. You can discuss why you have an interest in these topics and basic definition of the terms if you desire. Discuss the two major topics with the support of the references for each focus (consumer-focus & industry/employer-focus). Definitions of the terms in the chapter should be omitted from this section. The focus should be on the application of each topic. One focus needs to reference on the application of one of the topics from a consumer standpoint, and the other should focus on a different topic from the employer/industry standpoint. Ensure to reference reputable resources. Avoid blogs and opinion columns for this section. Discuss the personal relevance of the material presented in the topics chosen. Why is this relevant to you? This section should be no more than 15 sentences. Conclusion: Brief synopsis of each topic and why you feel it is important for others to be knowledgeable in this area. This needs to be no more than 10 sentences. Project paper must be 4 complete pages (the fourth page should be completely filled with research information) (double-spaced) Times New Roman 12-point font. The page set-up must be 1-inch margins. Improper formatting will result in point deductions. Students must focus on the applications of the concepts. Please don’t define terms in your paper in the main portion of the paper. Ensure to use reputable sources for your paper (Wikipedia is not a reliable source). Graphs and charts, as well as the cover page and reference page(s), will not count toward the 4 pages that are required. The graphs and charts must be in the separate section at the end of the body of the paper and properly cited using APA citations.

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