Principles of Management

Define organizational change and explain the forces driving innovation and change in today’s organizations. Identify the three innovation strategies managers implement for changing products and technologies. Discuss why changes in people and culture are critical to any change process. Identify sources of resistance to change. Assignment Overview This writing assignment is based on concepts from your text. Please read the chapters indicated in the Readings and Overview to support your answers. Deliverables A 2-page (minimum) APA Word document in 12-point font that addresses each of the questions at the end of the stated case. Activity Details Perform the following tasks: Step 1: Read and Review. Please begin by reading this week’s chapters. Step 2: Research and Answer the following. Please answer the following questions regarding Change. 1. What problems can face a company if the management is resistant to change? 2. How have recent changes in the market as well as other factors (technology, customer expectations, etc) impacted companies who take too long to change? 3. What is the best way to make changes? Are there some changes that need more time to implement or is it best just to make the change quickly? What examples of change have you yourself experienced. in your workplace? Step 3: Create your document and answer the listed questions. Based on your research and analysis, answer the 3 questions above. All questions should be answered in a clear and thorough manner. Do not list the questions. Number your responses and leave a space (double only) between your responses.

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