Principles of Marketing

Principles of Marketing Term PaperPurpose:To show that you have gained an understanding of Marketing and are able use that knowledge to adequately analyze current events and come up with logical predictions.  Paper Instructions: This paper is about how information technology can change the nature of marketing in the future.  This is not a research paper.  It is simply an “educated opinion” essay where you are asked to communicate what kind of changes you may expect to see in the marketing mix based on ongoing changes in the IT field.  Make sure to use your creativity to come up with a personal speculation that relates to 4 Ps of marketing.  Be advised that this is not a group assignment. Please note– The topic of this paper is specific and it should not be written as a history of marketing and should tie back to what you have learned in class.Formatting:Paper should be 2 full pages. If a third page is needed, it should contain only a few sentences.Single-spaced, using either Calibri or Ariel font size of 10-11. 1500 words minimumnot counting titles, name, etc.No cover page or works cited page requiredIn the heading list only your name and page number. Something similar to: Dr. Erdem, page 1 or Dr. Erdem, 1No odd spacing, each paragraph should be indented and they should not have multiple lines between them. Please see the grading rubric for information on how this will be scored. 

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