Prison Abolition

Read Ch. Six, “What Is To Be Done?” from Golden Gulag: Prisons, Surplus, Crisis, and Opposition in Globalizing California, by Ruth Wilson Gilmore. Read Ch. 4, “Intersecting Indictments: Coalitions for Women’s Safety, Racial Justice, and the Right to the City,” from All Our Trials, by Emily L. Thuma. Reading Questions: 1. Based on your knowledge of each author and their work, provide an assessment of how Gilmore and Thuma approach prison abolition and questions of violence/safety in their academic work. (We have read more of Thuma, so you might want to think back to the Intercept podcast with Gilmore, or peek at the introduction of Golden Gulag. 2. In your estimation, using examples from the readings, unpack how do Gilmore and Thuma address the intersections of advocacy and scholarship.  Why do these two scholars maintain a connection to advocacy, and how do they seek to establish each (advocacy and scholarship) individually?

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