Product Development

For this assignment you are to develop a new product concept and research the demand, proposed product attributes, and other factors that will determine the viability of the product, and to make recommendations for the development, testing, and commercial launch of the product. This project is divided into four parts, each being completed in conjunction with several of the modules in the course. These are as follows: – Part 1—Concept Generation – Paper Part 2—Concept Testing and Screening – Part 3—Product Protocol – Part 4—Proposed Product Launch Plan For Part 1, Concept Generation Paper, you are to generate a new product concept using one or several of the techniques described in the readings. You should then use one of the attribute analysis techniques to determine what features and characteristics your new product should have. Your paper should describe how you generated the idea and how you analyzed the product to determine the “correct” number of attributes. The paper should be thorough in your discussion of the topic and should be 8–10 pages. Any diagrams or charts should be included in an appendix. Submit your paper to your instructor by the due date. ** PLEASE ENSURE IN TEXT CITATIONS ARE USED AND EACH CONCEPT OR THEORY IS THOROUGHLY EXPLAINED**

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