Product Pitch Analysis

Prepare and present a product pitch based on an analysis of the market. This should be based on a thorough market analysis, customer/market segmentation, and viability assessment.  You will need to consult Internet articles, business publications, academic journals, and other relevant sources as part of your analysis of the market and identification of the product opportunity. The theme or challenge of the task is “clean design”. This is open to interpretation; however, you could consider anything from “sustainability” to “sleekness” to “simplification”.  The task is to come up with two different products, which can relate to the same industry, but across any sector, including consumer electronics, cars & bicycles, shoes, machinery, food, housing and homewares, education, travelling (or any other that are relevant) etc. Suggested Slides Structure: (Presentation Format) ·      Title Slide – 1 slide ·      Market Analysis – 2 slides ·      Market Segmentation/Consumer Analysis – 2 slides ·      Two Alternative Product Concepts – 2 slides ·      Viability Assessment of each – 2 slides ·      Chosen concept and Value Proposition – 2 slides ·       Final New Product Pitch – 1 slide ·      End slide reference list – 1 slide   Please ensure there is a script for each slide, as this presentation must be voiced over (this will be voiced by myself). The script should amount to 10 minutes in total.

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