Productivity Tips

Introduction  Productivity is a commonly used term that many of us aim to apply but don’t necessarily know how to. It has multiple definitions but it mainly refers to working smart to achieve more with the time you have. We believe that being productive is one of the most important skills that an individual should develop early on in his/her career, which is why we found a short online course with useful tips about becoming more productive. As you watch the course, keep in mind that not everything that the instructor might mention will work for you, so take note of the things that make sense to you and are applicable to your life.  Assignment  Your assignment is to watch the online course in the link below and take notes. After you are done with the course, you are expected to apply what you learned by theming and planning the rest of your educational week. 9000/projects  Also watch this short youtube video for tips on how to become more productive and take notes. When you’re done, answer the questions in the section below.  Required Deliverable  ? In an Excel/Google Sheet, create one tab named “Educational Week Plan ” and use what you learned about theming your week to plan your Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Present your plan in a table to ensure that it is clean and organized. You were already provided with the Educational Week Plan so use it to help you in theming your days. As you create your plan, think about the questions below:  ? What are your certainties? Fill in your inflexible days first. (For example, these could be the morning meetings, live sessions, and workshops)  ? What kinds of work can you group together to create a theme for a day?  ? What are the gaps you need to fill?  ? Create a second tab named “Notes and Q&A” and include in it the notes that you have taken as you watched the course and the recommended video.  ? In the same tab, answer the following questions:  o What are the top three most important things that you learned from these videos? o Which time-saving habits that were discussed in the course do you think you can apply in your life?  o What are the new productivity tips from the short youtube video that you will implement after watching this? How will you implement them?

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