Profession of School Nursing

Chapter 3 describes Standards of Practice. Create a PowerPoint or Prezi describing the 6 Standards of Practice and the 11 standards of professional performance. There should be one slide for each standard, except for #5, which should have 4 slides. See Table 3.1. Each slide should have the standard, a scholarly description of the standard, and one example of what a School Nurse might do to meet the standard. ***Please use learning materials as references as much as possible*** Learning Materials Selekman, J. (2013). School nursing: A comprehensive text (2nd). Newark, DE: F.A. Davis Company. Chapters 2,3,6 The role of the school nurse in providing school health services. (2008). The Journal of School Nursing, 24(5), 269-74. Kass, N., Hecht, K., Paul, A., & Birnbach, K. (2014). Ethics and obesity prevention: Ethical considerations in 3 approaches to reducing consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages. American Journal of Public Health, 104(5), 787-795.

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