Professional Development Plan

Early childhood educators advocate for life-long learning and to do so, we must be life-long learners ourselves. Life-long learning requires ongoing personal reflection and professional development. Create a professional development plan to support your growth as an educator. This plan must include:

A summary of the importance of communities of practice and how they can support your overall professional development. Offer an example of a community of practice that you would consider becoming a member of and how this would impact your growth as an educator.
Three professional goals related to best practices, advocacy, or professionalism in early childhood education. Each goal should be stated in specific, measurable and timely terms.
Specific (outline what you will accomplish)
Measurable (describe how you will know you have accomplished the goal)
Timely (identify when you will accomplish the goal).
Resources needed to accomplish goals.
Include a title page, a reference page, and, if needed, in-text citations. Format these components according to APA standards.

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