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 First DraftJust as you have done so far, you are writing without knowing much yet. However, writing and then revising with additional knowledge will help you learn the course material more effectively. Drafting this email will help you focus your reading of Chapter 1 and on Chapter 5, which we will read next week. Once you’ve read those chapters you’ll have a better idea of how to revise the email.Writing Instructions:Draft an email to Jennifer Sherry, CEO of Strategic Public Relations Associates, to ask for an internship at hercompany. Since public relations firms often use technical writing this is a fit, but you’ll want to explain a little about what you can offer somewhere in this email.Explain that you are seeking an internship, taking a course in technical writing currently, and that you are hoping to get practical experience before you graduate and go on the job market. Explain what you can do and how you think you might benefit her company. You might also explain briefly how you will benefit by getting the opportunity to put what you learn into practice. You might say you recently read about her company in the NY Times, in an article that outlined how it had recently grown with the addition of some new and high profile clients. You think it would be a great place to gain experience, and you figure if they are growing they might need some additional help.Ask if your technical writing experience would be something she and her company might find valuable and also ask if she might need further information. Then inform her that you will follow up with her in about a week to discuss any opportunities. Thank her for her consideration, and end the email.Instructions on revising the email will be provided next week. This is a draft only. This draft is graded only for completion.

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