Professional Issues

For this week, you are submitting a rough draft of your Final PowerPoint Presentation.  It should include:  A title slide, an introduction, at least 1-2 slides for each of the 12 weeks (some had 2 topics–you can combine or separate), what you would do differently if you were teaching this class slide,  a summary slide, and a reference slide (minimum total of 17 slides).  You should voice-over and introduce yourself, your title, your presentation, and what you have learned about each topic, what you would change, along with a summary/review at the end.  This is your opportunity to share what you have learned in this class this semester and what you would do differently if you were teaching the same online class.  There is a checklist included here to help make sure you have included all the necessary content.  Use this when reviewing your peer’s post as well.  This FINAL post should be posted to Dropbox.

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