Professionalism in Nursing

For this assignment, you are to write an essay related to promoting a culture of professionalism in nursing. This 1,200 – 1,500 word research paper must including the following components: ? Introduction: Provide a concise synopsis of the purpose of the paper ? Define professionalism in nursing. ? Why is professionalism important in nursing? ? How does one demonstrate professionalism in nursing? ? Personal application: In your own words, describe three (3) qualities of a professional nurse that you find to be most important. Explain why. ? Conclusion: summarize the major components of your research paper. ? Minimum of two references: You may utilize the ECPI Library database website to locate a minimum of three resources, including at least two peerreviewed articles. Articles utilized within the paper cannot be older than 5 years. Prepare this assignment according to APA 6 th edition guidelines.

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