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BCDR Scenario

The scenario:

You are the Data Centre Manager at one of your company’s three satellite Data Centres.  You gained a reputation within the company after you improved the operational capability of your Data Centre and your improvements have been rolled out where possible to the other two.

The company has now set new business strategies for expansion by offering Managed Services and Co-Location space to selected third parties.

Additional information:

You have a Tier III design capability Data Centre. One of the other Data Centres is concurrently maintainable and the third one has some redundant components.
You have an independent on-site Facility Management Company at each Data Centre.
There is an independent Capacity Management strategy for each Data Centre.
Back-up services are checked monthly, with all results recorded.
New IT equipment installation (blade servers and virtualisation programmes) has been facilitated by establishing high density zones in each Data Centre.
The cooling systems employ a mix of open hot-aisle and/or cold aisle, cold corridor containment and some in-row cooling.
Access to each Data Centre is via the main reception in the company offices.

You are asked to evaluate which of your BC/DR plans can be moved into Cloud Services.

topics that should be included:

Topic Topic

What must you consider from the business, operational and security perspectives?


What are the potential risks and benefits?

please compete your exercise below and follow guidance from your instructor to upload the completed document to moodle.

The completion time for this assignment is approximately 20 minutes.

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