Project Deliverable

Assignment Guidelines 1. Explore the “Deliverable Showcase” to gain a sense of how others have responded to this assignment. It’s important to note that the “deliverables” included in the showcase are concrete representations of others proposed projects. Your deliverable will be a concrete representation of your chosen project.  2. Relevant to your proposed project, consider the audience, which you want to inform, motivate, comfort, entertain, etc. and a project which you believe will address the issue you’ve been researching. 3. Choose the genre/medium that best suits your purpose and the audience you’ll be addressing. 4. Using your choice of a multimedia tools, develop a deliverable that represents in some concrete way your proposed project–a brochure, the front page of a website, a short video, a blog, etc. IMPORTANT: The deliverable is not an overview of the project. It is the “object” which you will distribute to address the need that you’ve identified in your research.  5. Include, statistics, quotations, and brief anecdotes that you’ve collected while researching the topic. It’s important not just to make claims but also support those claims with evidence. 6. Be sure that you credit in some way, the work that you’ve borrowed from others, images, video clips, statistics, etc. In other words, “Cite your sources.” THIS IS WHAT A DELIVERABLE LOOKS LIKE. 1. What are you proposing to address the problem that you’ve been researching? To distribute brochures to inform and raise awareness, to create and present a video at a community event, to create a website or blog to provide support, a start small business, to coordinate a fund raiser? 2. What is the deliverable? Is it a trifold brochure, a 2-minute Youtube video, a website, a business plan, Facebook page.  3. Who is the audience for the deliverable: Is it college students, middle schoolers, parents. In other words, for whom is the brochure, video, website, presentation that you are creating intended? In what context, do you imagine this being viewed or read? 4. What is the purpose of this deliverable?  Is it to inform people about a problem and raise awareness? Is it an ongoing social media presence that functions that supports a group of people who share a common struggle? 5. When and where will this audience be viewing the deliverable? In what context and why? Is it available online for an extended time period?  Is this something that you would be using it to supplement a discussion at an event or in the classroom?

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