Project Management

1 hour and 20 minutes are dedicated to open reflective questions. The open reflective questions can give you in total max. 40 points. Note that your answer in text shall be no longer than 500 words. It is required that you have visual illustrations as well. An example of a visual illustration can be a WBS or a network diagram. A visual illustration can be done in different ways and in a way that works for each of you. For example, you can insert shapes in the word document. Or you can create a figure in a PowerPoint slide and then insert it in the word file. Or you can draw by hand and then take a photo with your mobile phone and insert it in the word file (just make sure that the image is readable so we can access it). Mini case COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented in the way that it is influencing the whole world, all societies, and economies. Harvard University has decided, by mobilizing the creative power of its staff, to plan and execute the Introduction week for all first-year students online.  The objective is to ensure a good and safe start of the university studies for all first-year students, especially international students.  The goal is to perform an online 5-day introduction week on 24-28 August 2020 for 500 first-year students, offering at least 3 different activities (social and academic) each day.   Your task is to: Create risk response planning including the risks, likelihood, consequence, and overall risk value. Based on the risk assessment, create a risk response for each item identified. Your risk response should be adequate for the risk level, timely, cost-effective, and realistic. The risk assessment should include at least 10 risks and contain self-explanatory ideas. (20 points) Identify at least 10 different activities that this project must perform. Based on that create an activity list and a network diagram. Comment why some of the activities are run in parallel while others sequentially. From your network diagram, give one example for a burst activity and one for a merge activity. (20 points

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