project management and systems development knowledge 

Assignment 6 – [Using CASE and Project Management Software] PurposeThis assignment will allow you apply some of the project management and systems development knowledge you have acquired this week.InstructionsIdentify a business you have worked at in the past, or currently, work at. ( If you do not work, think of the universities you have attended.) Then provide a short description of the organization you have selected. You do not need to divulge any private information or the company’s real name. I work for a small hospital that is still 90% paperDescribe a problem or inefficiency in the organization that could be resolved through an IT solution. (For example, by implementing new software, switching to cloud storage, using new equipment, etc.) Then complete the following:Create a Memo (approximately 250 words) to your manager describing the solution you are recommending and why it is important to follow each of the steps in the SDLC.Create a Report (approximately 250 words) for your company discussing development methodologies other than the SDLC that could be used when implementing your solution.Read the content provided this week on Gantt charts.Create a Gantt Chart to show the timeline and the steps involved in the implementation of your solution from beginning to end. The preferred tool is Microsoft Project, but if you do not have Microsoft Project available you can use Smartsheet to create your Gantt Chart.Write a short paper (approximately 250 words) where you answer the following questions:After reading the chapters for this week, explain why projects fail and discuss three reasons why this particular project could fail?Why are project management tools indispensable in making sure a project such as yours is successful?Submit one file with your Word document where you consolidate your memo, report, and answers to the questions and one file with your Gantt chart.GradingThis activity will be graded based on the successful completion of the requirements listed above and the accuracy of your exercise results and interpretations.

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