Project Management Paper

Create a Project Proposal for Automation of assembly line in a manufacturing unit    70 people across the functions like production, maintenance, product design and quality control working together forming teams to automate the assembly with a budget of 100000 dollars with a schedule of 1 year proposal planReference sources are to be cited and referenced according to The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA), 6th edition. Typed dialogue sections may deviate from APA by using single spacing, 12 point font, numbered, with 1.5″ left margin, 1″ right margin, and 1″ top/bottom margins. The final paper will be written into MS Word. The summarizing presentation will be created in MS Powerpoint.The Term Paper / Project Proposal must include the following:1. Appropriate title page including title, course name/number, date, and student’s name2.Table of Contents3.Abstract4.Body of document should be 20 pages minimum (not including title page, abstract, table of contents, reference sheet, appendix)5.APA citations for referenced information (A minimum of 10 sources is required)6.APA Reference sheet7.Appendix (if needed). All diagrams, MS Project figures, and so on, should be within the body of the text.The Powerpoint must include the following:1.Appropriate title page including title, course name/number, date, and student’s name2.Appealing format (information should be abbreviated or bulleted)3.Coverage of the high points of the term paper / project proposal4.APA Reference sheet on the last slideSuggestion: Create the term paper first, then the Powerpoint will be relatively easy.Tools used in the Project Proposal must include the following (page numbers from The Project Management Memory Jogger is listed for reference; be sure to use the course textbook as well – there is much to help you in it):Perform a background study into your chosen topic. What has been done before? Cite sources and list them in the reference section.Determine and list why the tools of project management is appropriate to the project you are working on.Define the Project Scope, listing the project manager (you) and customer (the one you are proposing this to) (p.19-26) [A project charter is not required]Select your team, identify their roles and financial compensation (p.29-30)Determine project deadlines (realistic and doable, estimate) (p.30-31)Document how the team will work together. Set goals and ground rules (p.59-62)Define project milestones and deliverables (p.72-74)Create a Work Breakdown Structure, define work for all team members (p.78-81)Analyze project risks and associated levels (p.82-89)Create a Project Schedule using MS Project with team member activities and milestones listed (p.101-102)Determine and list the Critical PathEstimate and create a Project Budget (Total costs and labor for the team) (p.127-131)Estimate an Earned Value (EV) at the midpoint through the project if you fall 10% behind on the project (p.149)Create a Close Out Report on how the project may go (best estimate) (p.163-175)Appealing format (information should be abbreviated or bulleted)Conclusion section listing the high points of the project proposalAPA Reference sheetDue Dates and Deliverables for the Project Management Term Paper / Powerpoint:The Research Proposal is to be in ONE MS WORD DOCUMENT and ONE MS POWERPOINT DOCUMENT (cut-and-paste MS Project and MS Excel screen captures into the project documents as needed).Note: For other format specifications, please follow the APA style 6th edition manual. (Please note that points will be deducted for the paper that does not follow the APA format. 

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