Promoting Pulmonary Health

View the teach-back interactive lecture above to answer question #1 this week. In the lecture it helps you identify and practice key aspects of the teach-back method in educating your patient. In the interactive lecture you will follow a patient’s experience from hospital discharge through home health and primary care follow-up which included: Introduction, description, and demonstration of ideal use of teach-back Teach-back during hospital discharge Teach-back during a home health visit Teach-back at primary care physician follow-up Tying it all together to always use the teach-back method For this assignment answer the following questions. 1. Describe how a respiratory therapist would educate a patient about asthma using the teach-back method. Explain how you would teach the patient the information you have prepared. Your plan should include basic facts about: asthma, roles of medications, and patient skills needed to take medication correctly, etc. 2. Referring to week one discussion using the acronym ACME: assess, control, medicate, and educate, develop an action plan that addresses the goals of asthma care as well as specific objectives to meet these goals.  Submit your answers in at least 500 words on a Word document. You must cite at least three references in IWG format to defend and support your position.

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