Protective and Risk Factors of Infant Mortality

1. Read the following description: 2. From what you have learned this semester (coming from e-text and PowerPoints), compose a 2-3 page typed report (single-spaced, no larger than a 12 point font) that addresses the following: Discuss infant mortality rates and main causes of death during infancy. Identify the protective factors (things are favorable for healthy development) for this child based on the hypothetical couple description above. Identify the risk factors (things that are unfavorable for healthy development) for this child based on this hypothetical couple description above. Discuss how the factors you identified are related to infant mortality rates. Identify what other things must be considered that the hypothetical description did not address. State your opinion on whether or not you think this child would live to see his first birthday. Explain/support your position. 3. Submit your report by clicking on the “Submit Assignment” button on the right corner of this screen. When you click on this button, you will be able to upload your document or copy and paste it in the text box provided. Rubric Critical Thinking/Problem Solving

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