Protests, Crisis, and Countercultures

There are 5 different prompts. Each prompt should be between 200-220 words each. Please be sure to label each prompt separately. Also below will be some references that may be used if you feel the need. 1. Who were Students for a Democratic Society (SDS)? What activities did they routinely engage in, in an effort to “change” American society? Do you agree with their methods of promoting change? Why? What was their overall effect on the United States? Explain. 2. Describe the concept of “counterculture” as it applied to U.S. society during the 1960s? The “Jesus People” are an example of a 1960s counterculture. Who were they and what was their effect on Christianity in the United States? 3. What was “Black Power”? Describe the role of “Black Power” in the Civil Rights movement. 4. What was the “Silent Majority”? Describe the conservative backlash during the social upheaval of the 1960s. Assess its positive and negative effects. 5. How did the 1968 Democratic Convention embody the social upheaval of the 1960s? Assess its positive and negative consequences on U.S. society.

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