Psycho-Education and Social Interventions

1.            Introduction   The introduction should present the topic of the essay.  In other words, it should say what is interesting about the topic and/or why the topic is relevant as well as how the topic will be dealt with in the essay.  Maximum of 150 words.   2.            Discussion of the problem. What nature of the problem requires intervention? In this section, you should make reference to social arrangements that are causing the social problem as well as how power and networks play a role. Maximum of 300 words.   3.            The client and client system   Identify and discuss the client and the client system.  Maximum of 300 words.       4.            The intervention   Provide a brief description of the proposed intervention including the levels and the mode of the intervention. Maximum of 500 words.   5.            Evaluation of the intervention   Critically evaluates the intervention after explaining the different types of EVALUATION. Justify your answer by referring to the case study. Your discussion should include recommendations on how the negative outcomes identified in the study can be avoided in the future. Maximum of 300 words.   6.            Ethical issues   Discuss the ethical issues that clinical sociologists should consider when implementing an intervention of this nature.  In your discussion, you can look at which ethical principles and standards were used and which ethical principles and standards should be used in the future. Maximum of 300 words     7.            Conclusion   The conclusion should consist of a summary of the main arguments of the essay and a final reflective comment.  You should not introduce ‘new’ issues (issues not dealt with within the body of the essay) in the conclusion. Maximum of 150 words.   Essay Technical requirements   The essay should be in the following format   •             Font: Arial, 12 font •             1 ½ Spacing •             Margins 2.5 cm •             Maximum 2000 words and minimum 1800 words, excluding the title page, table of contents and the list of references. •             Contain an introduction and a conclusion •             Contain in-text referencing •             All sources referred to in the text should appear in the list of references. •             Contain a list of references •             All sources in the list of references should be referred to in the text of the essay. •             You should refer to at least five academic sources in the text •             No plagiarism TURNITIN REPORT !!!!!!

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