Psychology Assignment

1- In your opinion, what is psychology? What do psychologists do? Explain your answers.
(the answer should be written as a full paragraph).
2- Brian is struggling in school. He is always fighting with his classmates, and is not scoring well on his exams. Choose three perspectives (from the youtube video you watched), and write how a psychologist might go about explaining Brian’s behavior from each perspective.

You will be graded on if you can correctly apply three perspectives to the scenario above, so use enough detail to ensure we know that you understand the perspective.(at least 2 pages longue)

Title: 8 Types of Psychology with Real-World Perspective

3- Use this prompt to Discuss whether you believe eye witness testimonies are appropriate for lawyers to present in trials. Should lawyers use eye witness testimonies? There may be cases when it IS appropriate to do use them. If not, could eye witness testimonies be changed so that they become a useful tool, or should they be eliminated all together? Explain why you answer the way that you do.

Just make sure you are using materials from the book and videos to justify your points.

All the necessary video are on the module 2 of the book: Cognition, Intelligence and Memory

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