Psychology Sensation and Perception

Module 3 AssignmentIntroduction to Sensation and Perception Chapter 4 assignment:The purpose of this Homework Assignment is to provide you with an appreciation of the importance of “sensation and perception” and also provide you “hands on experience” in learning all about how we sense and perceive–and their relationship to psychology.”Caution – Always be sure to weave in solid scholarship, as evidenced from the text and website readings, and be certain to “compare and contrast” what you have learned. This will help to assure me that you in fact are learning each week. Thank you.For purposes of disability and accessibility the following links are optional.Sensation and Perception Video Clip (Optional) (Links to an external site.)Human Senses: More Complex Then You Think! (Links to an external site.)Reading/watching #1: HomunculusHOMUNCULUS! It’s a big and weird word that you may or may not have heard before, but do you know what it means? In this video lecture, we develop a deeper understanding of this weird model of human sensation.Reading/watching #2:  The Human SensesThe Human Senses this exercise you are to show how our understanding of the world around us is greatly shaped by our psychological ability to “sense and perceive.”The link above will take you directly to an Internet Website called “The Human Senses.” Once you arrive at that link, be sure to explore the link carefully.Requirements: As part of your response to this module, share how having an understanding of “sensation and perception” is instrumental in our understanding of not only psychology but of everyday life itself. While you may use links other than the one provided below, you must cite information primarily from the “Human Senses” link.The assignment fulfills/supports:Module Outcome: 1Course Outcomes:  1, 3General Education Competencies:  1, 2, The Assignment:For this Assignment, complete the following steps:Step 1:  Watch and review the links given above:  Homunculus and The Human SensesStep 2:  Write a one page response addressing the following questions about Sensation and Perception.What is sensation?What is perception?How do these two abilities work together?Pick one sensation and follow it (in writing) from the beginning of the “Sense” all the way to the perceiving of that sense in the brain.  I.E. Hearing would start at the pinna and end at the auditory cortex of the brain.  So you would describe each structure of the auditory system, what it is the name and what it does then and how it is made sense of in the brain, also which area of the brain it is processes in and what happens there.The three page paper (title page 1, body of paper 2, and reference page 3) should follow APA guidelines (12 font, one inch margins,New Times Roman or Calibri font, title page, page numbers, running head, in text citations, and reference page).Acceptable length:  3 pages (to include: title page, body, reference page).Grading criteria:  For full points you must fully comply with each component of the Assignment Rubric.To submit:  Click on the “Module 3” written assignment link.  When the new page opens scroll to the “Assignment Submission: area and click “Browse my computer”.  Attach your document (must be in .pdf or .doc format) and click “Submit”.

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