Psychotic Disorders

This assignment is designed to prepare you for the final paper due at the end of the course. For your final paper, you will examine a specific psychological disorder along with methods used in biopsychology to investigate the cause of the disorder and to treat the disorder. The disorder that you choose is up to you but it should be something studied in the field of biopsychology. You will find research studies that examine different methodological approaches of biopsychology to study and treat the chosen disorder. In your final paper, you will describe the disorder and methods used to research and treat the disorder, as well as review and analyze the methods based on a review of the literature (Note: It is important that you choose methodological approaches that you understand and are comfortable discussing in detail. For example, you should not choose gene knockout technology in the study of alcohol abuse if you are weak in the area of genetics and molecular genetics.) In this assignment for Week Two, you should prepare for the final paper by providing a short overview of the chosen disorder and methods used to study it and treat it, along with at least five references that will be used in the paper, presenting them using an annotated bibliography. The overview that you provide in this assignment should include the thesis or research question that you will be focusing on in your final paper. This week’s paper should be 3-5 pages in length, excluding title page and reference section.

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