Public Health Problems

Students will prepare at least 12 PowerPoint slides of analysis of a public health problem (HIV/AIDS, Childhood Obesity, Global Warming, Zika, etc.) and discuss how to apply the 10 Essential Public Health Services to this public health issue. There is a list of viable project areas at the end of the Week 2 PowerPoint presentation. Two web pages that will be helpful to you are: to an external site.)and to an external site.). This should be presented in a collaborative effort and I suggest that you use Zoom meetings to share and record the presentation (though you may feel free to use different software as long as the video is easy to access). The presentation should be uploaded in its complete and narrated form no later thanTuesday, November 12.Your PowerPoint should include:Title slideBackground (What is the public health issue? Why is it important?)Risk factors (Causes, symptoms if applicable)Statistics (U.S. and/or local if available)National/local programs on public health issue (Focus on one program)Interventions (Are there goals and objectives?)Major program components (What are they? Provide brief description. Any evaluation?)Partnerships (Who have they partnered with?)Recommendations for practice & future researchSummaryReferences

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