Puppet and Performing Object Theater

Writing About Puppet and Performing Object Theater: Write 1000 Words First of all, any writing about puppet and performing object theater should observe normal rules regarding structure, syntax, spelling, punctuation, and usage. – Please see A Research Guide for Students (http://www.aresearchguide.com/) for suggestions about what to keep in mind for your scholarly writing.  – We ask you to use MLA style in all your scholarly writing. See Chapter 7 of A Research Guide for Students (http://www.aresearchguide.com/7footnot.html) for advice on writing footnotes and endnotes if needed. In regard to writing about puppets and performing objects, it is good to keep the following in mind: – A clear sense of the elements of performance: the range of objects and people involved, including performance space, stage, audience, performers, objects. – The nature of the event and its social context: commercial performance, theater, ritual, parade, political event, spectacle, etc. – The nature of the puppets or objects: the size, shape, number, color, and materials used. – A sense of what the puppets want to do: how does the design and structure of the objects help determine what they do in performance. – A sense of the dramaturgy of the performance: what story is being told, and how is the story structured? Also, a sense of the sentiments involved (for example, pity, fear, love, laughter, sorrow, heroism, disgust, wonder, or tranquility). – A sense of how the different elements of performance combine, and what the functions of each element are. – A sense of the forms, traditional or otherwise, that the performance in question might connect to, and how those forms have developed—i.e., how this particular performance connects to prior traditions. – A sense of the performance as a whole; as well as a particular focus on specific moments of performance that seem to epitomize the whole, or offer particular insights into the whole.

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