Qualitative and Quantitative Research

Need help with my writing homework on Differences between Qualitative Research and Quantitative Research. Write a 1750 word paper answering; Methods of Qualitative Research There are three main methods by which qualitative research is carried out that is personal or group observation, in- depth interviews and focus group. All these three methods contain unstructured and structured questions and based on reactions and experiences the results are estimated (Mack and Woodsong 2005). Uses of Qualitative Research Qualitative research is used in a specific format to give a complete idea of the study. This formatting helps the researcher in formulating surveys and questions in a manner that the right results can be achieved for the inquiry. Since qualitative research is focused on feelings and experiences so it is important that the questions formulated relate to the research and so do the answers (FHI 360 2011). So it is important to carry out a formative research. You can also refine your findings through formative research and avoid response bias by creating different sort of questions that people don’t hesitate to answer and give explanations more freely rather than an atypical answer. Qualitative researches also tend to validate the whole research in a way that the information collected verifies the numerical data collected (FHI 360 2011). Social and economic factors are included in qualitative research that helps in justifying results and providing long lasting analysis to the study. This form of research is advantageous for experimental and investigation research topics because unstructured questioning opens up new eras of research and a better understanding of the problem is reached by the researcher (FHI 360 2011).

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