Qualitative Research

I’m conducting qualitative research and I’ve started the methodology part where I need more support in the literature and clear writing. *attached Also I need to include the ethics part too where I need to answer those questions –          The student needs to expand on the methodology. –          How will the researcher select the students? Is there an existing relationship between the researcher and the students?  ( by their teacher)  How will the researcher reach out to the students? This all needs to be clarified. –          Will note-taking be sufficient for the researcher during the calls? No recordings will be necessary to transcribe the conversation? If so, this needs to be specified and interviewees need to be made aware of it.  (note-taking ) –          Conflict of interest: student needs to expand on it. Depending on how students are recruited, there is a need to explain how the researcher is ensuring there are no CoI. If students are recruited through the Ministry of Education/or work, a gatekeeper might be required.

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