Quality and Management of Information

Address the following requirements of department policy and procedure for Data and Information Management Standards in Primary Health Care facilities: 1- The primary healthcare centre leaders determine roles and responsibilities for data entry (completion of forms), data analysis, and reports generation and this includes a categorization of data available (both manual and computerized). 2- A description of the various kinds of reports, the frequency of the information, and who will receive them. 3- An assessment of information needs by both clinic and managerial staff within the Primary Health Care. 4- A description of the roles and responsibilities of the leadership and department heads(Operation Managers and Directors) in relation to implementation and evaluation. 5- The primary care centre leaders determine the roles and responsibilities for data entry(completion of forms), data collection, data analysis, and reports generation, and this includes: a)     Data elements defined and forms developed for designated staff to enter the necessary data. b)    Establishing time frames for collecting data. c)     Displaying and analyzing data using software programs. d)    The leadership is deciding the routing of the reports. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quality_management

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