Quantitative Methods for Business

The purpose of these assignments is to provide opportunities for students to analyze business decisions and identify quantitative techniques to resolve business problems. Students should follow the case study rubric to determine how to best approach each assignment. *Cases assigned for this week: Chapter 11 – Case 11.2 Bond Investment Strategy * ****The report should include: Managerial Report Outline (Use boldface terms/phrases below as section headers) Summary – In your own words, discuss the critical components of the case (up to 10% of possible points) Key Concept/Problem Statement, Techniques, and Models – What is the key concept related to this case and how could a) the problem be solved or b) situation be optimized for better operations? What Operations Management/Management Science techniques and models will be used and why? (up to 30% of possible points) Question Answers – Provide complete answers to all questions, referring to computer printouts when appropriate. Printouts may be incorporated into the text of the report or as an Appendix (up to 50% of possible points)  Conclusion – What did you learn by doing this case helped you either understand the material better or enable you to see how this topic does or could benefit your organization (up to 10% of possible points). The report should be no less than 3.5 pages, maximum length based on student’s writing ability.  All papers should be typed, double-spaced, and APA formatted. If data readouts are necessary from Palisade DecisionTools to answer the questions, data can be embedded in the paper (creating longer paper, so included as appendices.  Papers should be individually written. Cases should have a cover page that includes: Case Title, Student Name, and Date of Submission. PLEASE FOLLOW RUBRIC STEP BY STEP GRAMMARLY SCORE OF AT LEAST 94 (THE HIGHER THE BETTER FOR DOCTORATE WORK) BOLD SECTION HEADERS

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