Race and Gender

Term Paper Essay Assignment Rubric
Length: 4 pages, typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point font (excluding cover page and bibliography)
Sources: In addition to your text and/or readings, provide at least 3 outside sources. At least two outside sources must be a peer reviewed/academic journal article.
Wikipedia, personal blogs, and/or .org’s will not be accepted as valid sources.
Note: Electronic copy must be uploaded to Turnitin link to check for citation accuracy Study – Gather data online. Characterize the social issue you chose for yourself and show how it fits what is given and said about that topic in news/media. How is this different than what we have been reading in our text? Cite comparisons.
Consider the social topic you chose relative to course material and answer the following questions in essay format to summarize your findings.
In general, your essay should address the following questions:
What is your social topic?
What are some of the specific areas discussed in your social topic?
What are the different perspectives/opposing viewpoints?
How do most people get their information on your given social topic?
How is it different than you imagined, than what you read about?
What past research has been done on your topic?
Which solutions have worked, what haven’t? (investigate: read articles and refer to your text)
What new or unresolved issues/concerns have developed?
What did you learn by doing this paper?
(Again, use these questions to guide the general direction of your essay. Do not answer these questions individually).
Criteria for Grading:
Incorporation of sociological concepts from the course textbook
References (at least 2 scholarly articles, 2 newspaper/online articles)
Correct format of In-text citation, reference page
Proofreading, no typos/grammatical errors
Well-structured and Organized paper
Research Paper Format and Citation Guide
When you turn in your paper:
1. Be sure to number your pages.
2. Include a separate cover sheet: (1) your name; (2) the social topic that you are
analyzing; (3) your paper title; (4) the current date. You should not include this
information in a header for your paper.
3. Provide a bibliography for your paper using the format provided.
Hints and directions:
1. All papers should have an overall argument that is clearly stated in both the
introduction and conclusion of the paper and which you develop in the body of your
paper. If you can’t answer: “What’s the point of the paper?” in one or two sentences, you
still have work to do. In this case, the main point of your paper is your critical evaluation
of the author/s arguments. Although you do not need to layout each and every single
author’s argument and discuss it, the discussion should relate to and provide the
foundation for your evaluation of your analysis. You should not just evaluate the authors
in one paragraph or in the conclusion. You must provide reasons for your evaluation of
the author and cite evidence; don’t just state your opinion of the author.
2. You should cite all the material you use: Note that you should only cite lecture when it introduced an idea that is not already discussed in the readings.

CLS 3300 Term Paper Topics
Choose one of the following topics to critically analyze for your term paper:
A. Race/Gender/Class and Criminal Justice
B. How Race/Gender/Class Shapes the Workplace
C. The Role of Race/Gender/Class Stereotypes in the Media
D. Race/Gender, Stereotypes in Sports
E. Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration
F. Race/Gender/Class and Romance: Patterns in Relationships and Marriage

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